My name is Dae and I am the Owner of Mahina Swimwear. I've founded Mahina Swimwear in 2015. Since the fruition of the brand, all the bikinis are all handmade and designed by me, and still is to this day. However, in order to grow and expand as a brand. I’ve recently taken on additional help by local Indonesian women, who made most of the pieces in the 2019 collection possible.

A little back story of the the brand —

The brand is inspired purely by the Aloha of Hawaii and made for girls like you; whose lifestyle consists of positive vibes and love spending time in their bikinis under the sun. My mission is to bring empowerment to girls. When you’re wearing these flattering fit bikinis, I hope that they can make you feel more confident and comfortable in your own body. Because I strongly believe that being comfortable in your own skin is empowering. 

All the bikinis are handmade - sweatshop free manufacturing, delivering you the highest quality at the most affordable price. When you shop at Mahina Swimwear, not only are you supporting a dream, you are also, supporting a small local business, and local Indonesian women, who are supporting their families. And when women support other women, amazing things can happen. 

Today, I hope you make a conscious decision to shop and support local businesses. 


xo Dae (Owner & Founder)